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Muddy Feet and More

Muddy Feet and More: May 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some things, I'll never understand.

This weekend we were thrilled to be temporarily reunited with one of our foster dogs.  Usually, once we return them to the Humane Society, we have no idea what happens to them.  Zoe is different.  One of our friends had been thinking about adopting a dog and when she saw Zoe, she knew she had found the perfect dog!  Okay, she may not be perfect, but she is pretty close!  Once she was returned to the Humane Society, our friend rushed in to adopt her.  That was a couple of years ago.  This weekend, they had to go out of town and Zoe couldn't go with, so we happily volunteered to take her.

Zoe 2010, with a favorite ball.

Zoe originally came to us as a puppy.  She was 4 months old.  Her puppy teeth were just starting to fall out.  Anyone who has ever had a dog this age knows how energetic and playful they are.  Zoe was different.

Her back leg muscles were so under developed that she could barely stand.  She couldn't walk much past the driveway without being overcome with exhaustion.  She didn't play.  When she stood, her little legs would quiver with the effort.  That wasn't the worst part though.  She had had an embedded collar.  A wound one inch deep on her little puppy neck that went from one ear to the other.  Of course it had been cleaned and stitched by the time I got her, but it was still pretty bad. 

Zoe 2008
4 months old, after sutures were removed.
How could you not love that face?

How someone can let that happen to any creature is beyond my understanding.  That it happened to this dog, blew my mind away!  This was the sweetest dog imaginable, and she was still a baby.  Something like this takes time to happen and is so easily preventable.  Based on the way she moved and her lack of development, it was pretty obvious that she had been chained or tied up on a very short length for most of her young life.  No one checked to make sure that she was being taken care of.  No one cared.  No one loved her. 

She is loved now though, and is a happy, energetic and still very sweet dog.  She still has a scar, but it is hidden well under her collar.  A collar that is checked to make sure the fit is good.  She can now run for miles and play for hours.  She likes to swim too!  She has come so far from the little pup who couldn't play, let alone walk or stand long.
Zoe 2010, playing with my dog Loki. 
He mostly stood in one place while she zipped around all over the place.
My other dog, Chewy, made a very brief entrance to give a good sniff.

Oh yeah, did I mention that she is mostly Pit Bull?  Many people have misconceptions about the breed, and I wish those people could interact with this dog (and the many other Pits we have fostered) and see how wonderful the breed can be.  She gets along wonderfully with our dogs, cats and kids.  She is smart and respectful, and so very sweet.    She is loyal and protective too, just the right amount to make her a wonderful, well-rounded dog. 

Come back any time for a visit, Zoe!